Mount Wachusett Community College
HP Technology for Teaching Grant Project

Institution Name:
Mount Wachusett Community College
Project Name:
Center for Teaching and Learning
Team Members:
Professor Susan Taylor - Principal Investigator
Computer Information Systems
Professor Kenneth Takvorian
Donald Westover
Director of Instructional Design
Project Abstract:
The Center for Teaching and Learning Project increases the quality of teaching and enhances the classroom experience for students and professors at MWCC through the use of mobile computing technology. Serving as a cataylst for the college to integrate mobile computing technology into all of its classrooms, this project focuses on redesigning, piloting, implementing and refining teaching methods and classroom activities for two courses: Computer Technologies and Introduction to Mathematics II. A comparative study on the redesigned course sections and identical course section without the use of mobile technology compares attendance, submission rates of assignments, assignment grades ,semester grades, peer interactions, participation and class experience to understand how the use of tablet PCs have impacted student learning.